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Welcome to the S&G Carpets and More Blog where you will find valuable information about carpeting, hardwood laminate and vinyl flooring. We cover everything from how to shop for flooring for your home or office, the basic care for your flooring, and even information on what spaces are perfect for hardwood, carpeting, laminate or vinyl flooring.

With many beautiful styles in hardwood flooring to select from, here are the last two hardwood trends for 2016 to help you get started this year.

Design Goes Upscale Natural

Clean, white-centric designs are favored for bedrooms, guestrooms and great rooms this year. Neutral color palettes are paired with elegant furnishings and accent pieces to make this light-and-natural look come together. Finding the right hardwood for this particular look means shopping blonde and light gray finishes. Hardwood in white finishes are also a natural choice for this style but keep in mind that white floors and white furniture may clash. You can solve this problem by using a large, light-colored area rug that incorporates metallic threads under major furnishings.

High Tech and Distressed Come Together

More consumers are choosing engineered hardwood flooring, which offers the beauty and authenticity of traditional wood flooring with the durability of high-end laminates. Durable and affordable, engineered hardwood is available in an incredible variety of species, stains and styles. This type of flooring is composed of multiple layers of wood that provide for excellent stability without warping. Whatever your style demands, you’ll find engineered hardwood that meets them.

At S&G Carpet and More, we pride ourselves on providing the best in style and value to customers throughout Northern California. That’s why we think hardwood flooring is the perfect choice when you want to pull off an on-trend look that won’t interfere with your home’s long-term value.
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When it comes to flooring trends, classic hardwood is never out of fashion. It’s an elegant choice that meets the style demands of both home and business owners. Of course, that doesn’t mean that hardwood isn’t evolving. Here at S&G Carpet and More, we’re always on the lookout for new, forward-thinking trends in flooring. If you’re looking for inspiration as you remake a room, consider these four hardwood trends that are going strong into 2016.

Classic Heritage Meets Modern Simplicity

Designs that combine rich, classical elements with simpler, contemporary accents are big this year. If you’d like to create a space that incorporates high-quality, modern furniture with antique accent pieces, this is the look for you. Hardwoods finished in espresso, ebony and dark cherry are the perfect choice for a heritage room while distressed styles add a rustic touch to a vintage-inspired space. Throw rugs in deep jewel tones or oriental patterns are ideal if you’d like to accent dark hardwood floors.

Dark Hardwoods Are In

They play prominently into classic designs, but hardwoods in dark finishes are also a trend of their own in 2016. Dark stains are popular for both standard and distressed styles, and you’ll find both classic hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring in dark shades. Black and brown washes are in but don’t discount deep reds or exotic purples. Hardwoods with gray finishes or undertones are also favored right now. These gray shades are perfectly neutral but bring more visual interest than their cream-and-beige counterparts.

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Here are the last two carpet trends you may want to try for your flooring as the year 2016 starts. For a new design and trend, you can choose one which fits your flooring needs.

Resurrecting Luxury Carpeting

Luxury carpeting began a comeback in 2015, and there’s no slowdown in sight as we move into 2016. Ultra-soft, textured styles that feel good beneath your feet are what this trend is all about. Today’s manufacturing technologies mean that luxury carpets offer the best in comfort and durability while offering gorgeous aesthetics.

Of course, it’s important to remember that high-end carpets aren’t suited to every area of your home. They provide excellent performance in bedrooms, dens and other lounging areas. However, it’s best to keep luxury carpeting out of the kitchen, bathroom and basement.

Getting the Outdoors Inside

Decor schemes that combine the urban and the natural are also big this year. Maybe you’ve seen a magazine spread featuring an indoor garden or checked out reclaimed wood designs on Pinterest. If you plan on bringing live plants into your home but want to enjoy the comfort of carpet, consider Berber or cut-and-loop styles.

Carpet tiles are also a great choice if you’re set on bringing the outdoors inside. They’re easy to clean and replace, and you can easily configure them to meet your unique style needs. Whatever carpeting you choose, stick with dark browns, greens and neutrals.

Year 2016 is now with us and instead of looking back, we wish to guide you to look forward to what is current among flooring trends. Some trends in carpets are timeless while others are very modern, and still others seem a fresh spin to the traditional technique.

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A New Year means time to make new commitments to our families and ourselves. At S&G Carpet, we know that the New Year also means new trends in design and new ways to express our style sensibilities through flooring. No matter your decor style, you’ll find a trend you can love as 2015 gives way to 2016. If you’re looking for design inspiration, start with one of these four gorgeous new trends.

Going for the Natural

Muted whites, taupes and soft metallics are big news this season. The clean, classic color palette is complemented by furnishings, draperies and accent pieces in neutral colors with metallic accents. Rose golds and muted silvers are particularly popular.

Hardwood might seem like the obvious choice here, but carpeting and area rugs work surprisingly well with the neutral-and-natural theme too. For a luxurious feel, choose a shag carpet in crisp white. To accent a Berber carpet or hardwood floor, choose a soft throw rug that incorporates metallic threads.

Bringing History to Life

Lush styles inspired by the high romance of bygone historical eras are also big this year. These period-centric looks make use of antique furniture, statement pieces and fanciful baubles. The key to pulling off a clean decor scheme with all these elements is setting a good foundation.

In terms of carpeting, that means choosing deep colors with shades of gray. Frieze, cut-and-loop and Berber styles all work well with a historically inspired decor scheme. If you’re choosing area rugs to suit this theme, consider ornate floral or geometric designs.

This 2016, with multiple patterns, textures and colors available, carpeting is evolving as the main focal point in most of the interior designs.

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Carpet padding promotes the long life expectancy of your carpets.  It protects the backing and the binding of your carpets while absorbing the effects of human foot traffic. It also allows additional air flow to the vacuum that increases suction. But the problem is, how will you find the right carpet padding?

Ways to Evaluate Carpet Padding

Choosing the right padding for your carpet is all about evaluating how your choices stack up in a few key areas. Consider these three big factors as you shop:

  • Density: Homeowners should choose padding with a 6- to 8-pound density rating. The higher the density rating, the firmer and more long-lasting the padding will be.
  • Thickness: You’ll need to choose padding that is the thickness specified by your carpeting manufacturer. If you don’t, the carpets might not install correctly and you’ll void the warranty.
  • Materials: Padding is available in a variety of materials including foam urethane, polyurethane and synthetics. Urethane tends to be the least sturdy but is also the most cost effective. Of course, padding made from recycled materials is available as well.

In addition to weighing the three big factors that impact padding comfort and service, you’ll also need to think about your special demands. If you have pets, you can choose special pads designed to prevent odors. If you’re concerned about spills, talk to a flooring professional about padding that helps repel moisture.

Bringing Carpets and Pads Together

The right padding can extend the life of your carpeting while adding greater comfort and warmth. Of course, choosing the right carpet padding isn’t always as simple as it sounds. If you’re ready to shop for new carpets and pads, stop by an S&G Carpet and More showroom today. We love helping residential and commercial customers throughout the North State find the best carpet padding for their needs.

For your next carpet project, don’t overlook choosing the best carpet padding which will extend the life of your floor covering as well as your investment.

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